What is Ginger?

Ginger is a spice that is very popular. Ginger rhizome is often used as a medicine than as a spice in cooking. It has a distinctive flavor, crisp, and spicy as it contains compounds called ketones zingeron. Ginger has been existed since ancient times, and for many years been used as a natural remedy that can cure various diseases.

The origins of ginger is uncertain. However, it is thought to have originated from India and then taken to China, Southeast Asia to the Middle East.

Ginger can only flourish in the tropics, such as Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Africa. Largest producer of ginger in the world are Brazil and Ecuador.

Ginger thrives at an altitude of 0 to 1500 meters above sea level, except for the type of ginger elephant in height from 500 to 950 meters.

Ginger requires rainfall 2500 to 3000 mm per year, 80% humidity and moist soil with a pH of 5.5 to 7.0 and the high nutrients in order to grow optimally. Land used for cultivation of ginger should not be inundated.

Types of Ginger

There are three types of ginger are popular on the market:

1. Elephant ginger / rhino ginger
Ginger is the type most favored in the international market because of its big, fat, and it’s not too spicy.

2. Yellow ginger
Yellow ginger is widely used as a cooking spice, particularly for local consumption. Its flavor and aroma is quite sharp. Its rhizome size medium and has a yellow color.

3. Red ginger
Red Ginger has a high content of volatile oil and the spicy flavor, making it suitable for pharmaceutical basic ingredients and herbs. Red ginger rhizome has the smallest size and has a red skin, fibers greater than ordinary ginger.


Benefits of Ginger

Here are some of the benefits of ginger for our health:

1. Eliminate nausea during motion sickness.
2. Treating low back pain and back.
3. Treat rheumatism.
4. Treat stomach cramps.
5. Lowering cholesterol.
6. Relieve flatulence.
7. Cope with bad breath.
8. Lowering blood pressure.
9. Treating colds and nasal congestion.
10. Treating thrush etc..

Ginger advantage is that no side effects. Because it is a natural substance that is safe for consumption in the body. So that ginger can be durable and long lasting, you should choose a subtle ginger, no wrinkles and not moldy. Then peel it first, save it in plastic and place in freezer. In this way the ginger can last a long time and can be used anytime when needed.

Ginger ale is very popular in western countries. While China and Japan really like the pickled ginger. Society of China, Europe and Japan are also very fond of ginger syrup.

What about in your country?

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